Our Story

How it all started...

Power of the Word Evangelistic Restoration  (POWER) Ministries began as a weekly bible study under the guidance of the Holy Spirit that was hosted by Anthony Jackson, Jr Ministries in the home of Anthony and Jwan Jackson in November 2016. The good news traveled fast and the bible study experienced growth.  Eventually it outgrew the capacity available in their home and was then relocated to United Real Estate- Columbia in Northeast Columbia, South Carolina.

In April of 2017 Anthony Jackson,Jr. Ministries began offering a Saturday worship service. The Lord blessed it and from that series of worship services the vision for POWER Ministries was made clear-  A non-traditional worship encounter to serve a non traditional community with one assignment as its central focus and that being " Revealing God's Heart to Man, Restore Man's Heart to God."

That same year POWER Ministries was officially incorporated as a church.  November 2017, Anthony and Jwan were installed as Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor respectively and with the guidance of Holy Spirit, consult of several mentors and seasoned pastors both locally and nationally, POWER Ministries  was officially established as a synergistic body of believers. Our inaugural service was held on January 7, 2018 and since that time God has proven his faithfulness to us as we seek to serve Him and our community.